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If you own a Sportsbook, Online Gambling Website or any other kind of Gambling Website then you will be aware of the fact that many bookmakers have been fined heavily for not disclosing the odds they would give to each football betting team. In fact, the UK government has set strict rules on this subject and if your website is found to be breaching the rules then you could well lose all of your Gambling licence. This brings us to the Gambling Commission and how it has seen fit to require all Online Gambling Website to take down their odds from the start of the season.

So, what exactly did the Gambling Commission require (Sports Book) to do? In fact, I can tell you that the Commission was unhappy with the odds being provided by the bookmaker at the time of writing. The Gambling Commission wanted to know how the odds were calculated., being a privately owned company, had not revealed the way in which the odds were calculated, which is against the law. was therefore required to remove all odds and results on or before the opening day of the season. However, the Commission only imposed this requirement once the company was fully compliant with the law., despite the fact that it had complied with the Gambling Commission requirements, continued to provide odds to its customers. Therefore, the Commission was not happy with the levels it was happy to offer. As such, it required to disclose how the odds were calculated.

How is the Commission to know how the odds are calculated? It simply does not know., being a private company, cannot ask for this information as it is a breach of the law.

However, the Gambling Commission did allow to keep the results, odds and fixtures it already had and only require the newspaper and football programs to include the new odds and data. The goalposts were moved once again and the Internet Sports Betting Business แทงบอลออนไลน์ was just fined for not complying with the law. The Gambling Commission has stated that it does not want to encourage the bookmakers to cheat their customers by hiding information and therefore now only wants to know how the odds are calculated and is satisfied that has complied.

The Gambling Commission may appear to be stringent in the way in which it works, but you will be relieved to hear that it only targets the companies who fail to comply with the law. However, one has to question whether or not there should be greater rigour when enforcement of the law comes to enforce the rules.

Are the odds published and fair for your online gambling website? The betting odds provided to the public by your gambling website are a matter of public record and therefore fair play for the Gambling Commission. So, what is’s excuse?