Step by Step Guide to Perform a Web Ranking Check

How does one perform a web ranking check for SEM? Well, the very first thing you need to do is to head over to Google’s official website and input the correct keyword phrase in the URL box to check your SEM ranking.

In case you are not sure about the exact phrase you should consider asking a friend or colleague what the specific keyword is about the website. Doing this web ranking check will give you a better picture of your website’s performance and the following sections of this article will be discussing how to perform a web ranking check.

First of all, the tool which is primarily used to check your SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is known as SERP Tracker. It is basically a web page ranking tool and has an entirely user-friendly interface that provides you with the solution you require for a web ranking check.

The first step of this tool is to provide you with a list of the websites that Google has indexed; this is the site ‘s list of websites that are suitable for your specific niche. So, if you would like to know how to perform a web ranking check to see if your website is on the top 100 of your niche, then make sure you check the SERP tracker page that will provide you with this important piece of information.

The next step would be to enter the exact keyword that you would like to check on the page (following all of the code rules on the page). Keyword is usually written in the first word of the heading and it is visible whenever you go through the page (a lot of times you can also find keyword on the page structure). On top of that, SERP tracker also provides you with a link to the Google’s official website for a detailed description of the keyword.

Once you have all of this information then you can track stats and compare the website’s performance with that of other websites. The next step after entering the keyword would be to click on the ‘show domain name’ link in the toolbar. This will provide you with more detail information about the domain and also let you know about their ranking on Google.

After clicking on the ‘show domain name’ link, the next step would be to copy the website URL and then use the ‘copy link address’ option to get to the URL’s home page. Once you have done that, save this URL in the clipboard. And finally, go back to the URL tab on the toolbar and click on the ‘show directory’ button.

Here you can find the exact URL that Google provides and it is known as ‘domain’ and this will be the domain that you would be using for your search. Another thing you should note is that ‘domain’ is not your directory but rather a different type of website directory, which is used to point your website to the SERP. You can find more details about domains and all the technical details here.